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BuiltWith: Learn the Technology Behind Websites

So, I’ve been using this little extension on my Google Chrome called BuiltWith for a while, and I thought it’s worth sharing it with you guys. It really helps that little geeky child inside me!

BuiltWith is a website profiler and business intelligence tool that can help you figure out what your favourite websites are built with! Isn’t that cool!? I think it really is! The least it can do is to help you learn about them, right?

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Attention Economy: Dealing with Information Overload

Back in Time

I know what you’re thinking! What on earth is Attention Economy? Okay, we’ll get to that, but first let’s go back in time a little…

Do you remember the pre-Internet era!? If you do, you probably remember that the information we were exposed to was limited to a few TV channels, some newspapers, and a couple of magazines. But even this volume of information was huge if you take the comparison further back in time. Continue reading