Sumry: the Resume Killer Will Help You Land Your Dream Job

Disclaimer: I was not asked by anyone to write about Sumry. I did it only because I like Sumry and its creators.

I’ve been an avid Sumry user for most of its life and writing about it is long overdue. Now that the new Sumry is live, I think it’s the right time to finally share my story. What’s Sumry? All you need to know for now is that if you hate resumes and CVs, you will relate!

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Social Media: Free, Easy, and Magic! (NOT)

Let’s cut the crap. Having an Instagram profile is not a social media strategy. Nope, having a Facebook page is not enough either! It gets to a point where it’s not fun anymore! Getting twenty emails a day from self proclaimed ‘social media gurus’ and another ten from ‘social media ninjas’ and many more from its ‘mavens’ and ‘masters’ and all the other smankers is just sad.

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