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Published: 3 months ago

Wanderlust – Izmir, Turkey

Around Kordon in Izmir, Turkey. Been in Izmir for about a week now, and Kordon is one of my favourite places. It’s beautiful during sunset and that little Summer breeze makes it a perfect place to just sit down and relax.


Published: 4 months ago

Marketing, Advertising & Branding: Which is Which?

Marketing, advertising and branding are all ways businesses use to convince consumers, clients, donors or stakeholders to purchase their goods or services or invest in their business. Due to their close connection and purpose, people usually use these terminologies interchangeably which is not quite right. Knowing the differences among these concepts – marketing, advertising and branding – will help you and your business plan and execute each one the best way, instead of mistaking one of another. It will help your business grow in reputation and keep potential and current buyers aware and happy.Continue Reading

Published: 5 months ago

Twitter: Reaction to Luis Suarez’s Biting

Uruguay’s controversial striker, Luis Suarez, is the centre of another buzz at the World Cup after biting Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini on the back of the shoulder in their last group stage match. The Liverpool star believes that it has been blow out of all proportion, but it doesn’t seem so!Continue Reading