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Reading: from Paperback to Paperless

Okay, so this wasn’t a setup just to be instagram-ed! I was actually doing some reading for my Critical Research Methods for People Management and Organization’s essay and I noticed something – a difference that looked quite the same.Continue Reading

Published: 2 weeks ago

Filter Bubble: Breaking Out of the Over-Personalised Internet!

Do you know what Filter Bubble is? The term, Filter Bubble, first started to get attention after Eli Pariser used it in his famous TEDTalk back in 2011. Filter bubble refers to a condition where sites and services on the Internet get to know you, and then they only show you the stuff they think you would want to see.

This means everything becomes more and more personalised – I mean over-personalised – to the point where we won’t see anything outside of our “interests” or our “comfort zone”. Here, in this post I’m explaining why this is a concern, and how to break out of this bubble.

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Published: 1 month ago

Happiness: Experience vs. Memory

The word ‘happiness’ seems like such a simple word. It’s like you know it too well to think about it consciously. But what’s happiness?

Are you happy in your life? Are you happy with your life?

Although you might not pay much attention to it, according to Daniel Kahneman, those are two very different concepts lumped in the notion of happiness.
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Published: 5 months ago

Wanderlust – Izmir, Turkey

Around Kordon in Izmir, Turkey. Been in Izmir for about a week now, and Kordon is one of my favourite places. It’s beautiful during sunset and that little Summer breeze makes it a perfect place to just sit down and relax.