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Published: 3 weeks ago

Marketing, Advertising & Branding: Which is Which?

Marketing, advertising and branding are all ways businesses use to convince consumers, clients, donors or stakeholders to purchase their goods or services or invest in their business. Due to their close connection and purpose, people usually use these terminologies interchangeably which is not quite right. Knowing the …

Published: 2 months ago

Quote: Jeff Bezos

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

Published: 2 months ago

Twitter: Reaction to Luis Suarez’s Biting

Luis Suarez makes a hat trick against Italy in their last match of the group stage of the 2014 Brazil World Cup – but this time in biting!   Uruguay’s controversial striker, Luis Suarez, is the centre of another buzz at the World Cup after biting Italy’s …

Published: 3 months ago

Twitter: Hashflags and Other #WorldCup Features

p5rn7vb Twitter brings back Hashflags just in time for World Cup opening match Twitter has unlocked Hashflags again, for Brazil 2014, after their initial introduction during 2010 World Cup. By using a hashtag before each three-letter country code, the country’s flag will appear after the text.   …

Published: 3 months ago

Pinterest: 4 Pro Tips to Be More Pinteresting

Pinterest is one of the best and most interesting discovery and cataloguing tools on the Internet; and one of the fastest growing social networks. Pinterest has more than 70 million active users, who are 80 percent women (Source: DMR). Many marketers have heard of …

Published: 4 months ago

Pocket: You Can Always Read It Later

What’s the point of having a pocket? Isn’t it that you can keep some stuff in it? Ok, now imagine you’re browsing the internet, and you want to read an article you accidentally found, or watch a video, but you do not have the …

Published: 5 months ago

Twitter: Learn the Etiquette, Tips & Tricks

Up until July 2006, tweeting was something only birds did, but then, Twitter happened. Nowadays, tweeting is something people do on Twitter (and birds hardly tweet anymore!) Twitter is one of the most famous online social networks and microblogging services that enables users to “tweet.” Tweets are messages …

Published: 5 months ago

Happy Persian New Year & Nowruz 1393

In the spirit of the first day of Spring and Persian New Year, I’d like to wish everyone, celebrating Nowruz, a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. Plus, thank you so much for being a reader. – Behrouz   What’s Nowruz? Nowruz ( meaning “The …

Published: 7 months ago

Marketing: Your First Mistake Might Be Assuming That People Are Rational

Your first mistake might be assuming that people are rational. Your second mistake could be assuming that people are eager for change. And the marketer’s third mistake is assuming that once someone knows things the way you know them, they will choose what you …

Published: 7 months ago

How to: Recover Dashboard Stickies from Mac Time Machine

Have you ever done a clean installation of your Mac OS X? Have you ever wanted to do one? Have you ever wanted to have your stickies back on your dashboard without having to recover the entire backup? Here’s how to recover dashboard stickies …

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