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Published: 11 months ago

Flipboard: Your Personal Magazines

Imagine if you had a whole team of people who built your own personal magazine for you all the time. Every morning, every hour of the day and updated it with all the things you cared most about. Photos from your friend, news that you cared about, industry articles for the industry you’re in. Everything that you cared most about in one personal magazine that you could flip through on your phone, on your tablet. That’s what Flipboard is.

- Mike McCue,  Flipboard Co-Founder & CEO at  CNBC Interview

Using Flipboard 2.0, released at the end of March 2013, now you can create your own personal magazines with the contents you find interesting around the web (via Fliboard App or Flip It bookmarklet). You can also share them with your friends via different social networks, email, and even text message. Also, you can mention other users in your stories, and also you can edit your magazines using its editor web tool.

As well as being really interesting for Flipboard users, this feature has been attracting different publishers. Rolling Stone has already created magazines for the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Rihanna using its archives, and National Geographic has put together a few magazines such as ‘Photo of the Day’ & ‘I Heart My City’ (source: Mashable).

There are people asking “why would you spend time collection all those links and photos and news articles?” However, as Beth Kanter writes, “Content curation is not about collecting links or being an information packrat, it is more about putting them into a context with organization, annotation and presentation.  Content curators provide a customized, vetted selection of the best and most relevant resources on a very specific topic or theme.” (source: Social Media Examiner)


Inside Digital Line on Flipboard


What made me a Flipboard user, about 2 years ago, was its being an aggregation of my favorite feeds, and of course its simply beautiful interface. But what made me a loyal Flipboard user during last 2 months in addition to my interest in following news in different industries, was that I have my very own magazine now (Digital Line), and I wanted to keep it up to date for its readers, which by the way are already more than what I was expecting them to be, like ever!!!

Growing from 20 million users in August 2012 to 50 million users in March 2013 to about 61 million users today (source: Mike McCue’s  CNBC Interview - 30 May 2013), Flipboard is one of the fast growing networks on the Internt, which we should keep an eye on.

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